Marias River

Looking for current information about the river section

between the Tiber Dam and the confluence with the Upper

Missouri River. Interested in canoeing this section in

late May-early June. Most people do the trip in three

days. Interested in knowing the best camping spots along this stretch of river, and any obstacles in river

such as wire fences. Are there any historical sites

of interest. Will water levels be high enough that I can avoid pulling my canoe over shallows. Any pictures

along the river also would be helpful.

maria’s river
Maria’s river will have plenty of water run off. June may be better.

No fences. Not particular camping places…all really scenic down there. A mini Missouri Breaks—broken farmland bottoms too. All historic as far as river explored by Lewis and Clark…bring their journals for that section etc. TIE YOUR CANOE UP EVERY NIGHT. Friends had 100 mph wind one night and blew the canoe away…they hiked out. Rancher found it a month later, they got it back believe it or not. No photos…plenty online if you google it.

100mph Winds
Will hope the wind factor isn’t that extreme

for my venture! My canoe tracks well in windy

conditions but there are limits! Ho! Maybe I

will need my Four Seasons Mountaineering Tent

rather than my Cabelas Three Season One Man.

The year they celebrated the Lewis-Clark Expedition

I did the run from Ft. Benton down to the Bridge

pull out above the Reservoir. It rained 5 inches

the day I started and for three and a half days

I saw the most lightning and wind storms ever on

any lake or river I have been on. That was in the

end of May-first of June time frame. Only saw two

other parties on the river. Not common for the

White Cliffs Section.

I have wanted to do the Marias for several years

but it is a long hall from Central California with

the canoe on the roof of the truck. Costs of fuel,

hotels, and truck shuttle have been constraints.

Hopefully 2017 will be the year!

Thanks for the information.