marine band portable radios

I am looking to buy a weather band (NOAA) portable two-way radio for extended kakaying trips. Does anyone know a good brand to purchase? If a one would be combination with GPS that would be great. Thanks. ASF

Portable VHF radio’s
You will find numerous VHF “marine band” portable radios on the market. We use them in our business and have found some advantages and disadvantages of some radios.

Uniden: tends to be the most affordable! We have 2 of these, and have only had minor problems. Early models are not as water resistant.

Raymarine: probably one of the tops in the market. Submersable, clear, and easy to use…cost is on the higher end (but worth the price)

Icom: they make some of the smallest and sleekest portable VHF radios. Sumbersable/waterproof warrenty…good range and they even have a battery “saver” if you on the water for extended trips…excellent choice.

I don’t know of any with a GPS within…but I’m sure it won’t be long…

Hope that helped.

Thanks for the reply. Great paddling to ya!!