Marine Goop for D-Rings?????

Does anyone know if Marine Goop will hold D-Rings in place on Royalex Canoes???

Just curious if it is strong enough to hold.

Shoe glue marine glue
I just started experimenting with this stuff. I recently filled several scrapes on the bottom of my canoe bottoms with the shoe goop marine glue. Both a Royalex and Poly boat. It seems to have dryed hard and appears to bind well to both … how ever you can pick at it and roll or lift pull the glue off the hull without much difficulties. It doesn’t combind with the hull material but sticks to it well, but you can dig and it lifts off clean without residue. I think it would hold well but may lift if put under stress of a significant tie down. I saw another marine glue which may work better and plan on trying that for tie downs. I was also thinking of trying some web loops riveted to the high sides just below the rail and above the water line???

Royalex (ABS) adhesive guidelines

I also find E6000 useful - it is similar in consistenct to GOOP and should work as well or better than VYNABOND. Mondo Bond Adhesive (contact cement) is another option depending on what will hold the D-rings (web/PVC/?). If using the D-rings with the circular pads - use VYNABOND or E6000.

marine goop
i’ve used it for a seat and for d-rings in my bell rob roy. it’s fiberglass, and the d-rings definitely don’t get a whitewater type testing. but it’s worked better than contact cement for me.

Marine Goop and ABS
I’ve used it to glue a (ABS) mast step into my royalex penobscot. There’s lot’s of lateral leverage from the mast and sail. As well the canoe is stored outside 24/7. The goop has held well for 3 years now.