marine Goop, vs Aquaseal

very exciting thread here. these products seem virtually the same, except aquaseal is much more expensive. anyone know for certain, are these essentially the same product in a tube?

Aquaseal is a urethane based adhesive.

Marine Goop is is basically thick contact cement, mostly butyl rubber and solvents.

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A threesome could be even more exciting
How about Lexel’s sealant?

I used Aquaseal to repair a small hole in a wetsuit. Works well because it cures tough but flexible. But yeah, it is expensive.

Have not used Marine Goop or Lexel.

Big difference:
Aquaseal is for flexible things like spray skirts and wet suits.

Marine goop is a contact cement -great for holding high density foam in place.



no comparison
They both look the same but aquaseal will hold much better. I haven’t found an adhesive that works as well as aquaseal.