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Sea kayak Magazine has just listed MAP78 by Garmin as the best gps system. Anyone have any experience with it and have an opinion?



Yup, and we returned two of them
My wife and I had the 76CX and we figured we would upgrade to the 78.

It only took us a week to realize that we didn’t like the newer model

We use them daily and use almost all the functions.

If you have never had a 78, it will probably suit you fine, but as far as we are concerned, they went a few steps backwards on several of the features, and the first one that comes to mind is looking up the tides. It takes several more pages to get where you want to be, and there was no way to get the tide where you were now, which the 76CX did.

I am sure you cannot get a 76CX now, but we bought the last four we could get just to have back ups.

Jack L

Thought I’d mention
This may not be pertinent to your paddling but we use the birdseye imagery on almost all our trips. We do a lot of tidal creeks and marshes, becoming disorientated is easy and having satellite imagery of the area will save a lot of time poking around wrong turns and dead ends. The imagery costs $30 a year and you have to use Basecamp to load it (free). Also with Birdseye and Basecamp you can draw a track to follow on the PC using topo or satellite and transfer the track to your handheld for field use. Very handy for us.

I see the 78 supports Birdseye but some Garmin models don’t.

marine gps
Thanks. Too bad about the new model not being up to standards. sort of shocking that you can’t get tides for where you actually are!

might be able to get the older model on ebay.

again, thanks.

Like I mentioned above though …
If you now have a 76CX, you won’t like the 78.

If you never had a 76CX, the 78 will be fine for you.

Jack L