Marine Operator

When I read about using a VHF radio to talk with someone who is using a land line telephone, the advice is to call the marine operator. How does one do that? Is there a special channel?

24 thru 28 and 84 to 86 There is usually a charge for this service, and it is not secure…other radio operators will hear your conversations…

you are
much better using a cell phone. Person on land line gets 2 way communication, you have one way communication, gets confusing. Also real expensive.

Many places in BC
don’t have cell reception. When trying to raise the Marine Op, pick the appropriate channel and hold the talk key down for about 10 seconds. If you have reception, the operator will come back to you, at which point you ask to make a call, give your info etc. If you ask for privacy, other listeners can only hear the person you called speak.

Rumor has it…
…that this service is being phased out due to cell phones making it largely superfluous.

Probably true in some areas,
but I paddle in places where cell phones don’t tend to work :slight_smile: