Marine preserve South of Pacifica, Ca. ?

I’ve paddled out of Pacifica a couple of times to the South, poking around some spots from “bird rock” to the easy accessed beach south of the point from “devils slide”,(where the car remains are). In the rocky cove on the South side of bird rock we’ve seen seals and avoided them whenever they’ve been there. I’ve since been asked if a part of that area isn’t a marine preserve. I really don’t know & havn’t seen any markers but thought I should find out. I’ll search for a state site that might map out preserves, but if anyone knows it’d be good to hear what info you have of where to find out more.


Easy find of info a Ca. DFG…
…under Cal. Marine Preserves, very good google map with preserves & closures well marked. Turns out I probably skirted inside the West side of the “special closure” area North of Montera’s Greywhale state beach,(southern beach prev. mentioned). I’ll need to look, it could be a seasonal closure during nesting time or something but easily avoided in the future.

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The area has a special closure around the offshore rock there as part of the Marine Life Protection Act. Details at - click on North Central region. The rock there is called Egg Rock (and actually covers all the offshore rocks there). You are supposed to stay 300 feet outside of them, and not got between them and shore. Year round (though truthfully, the main worry is during sea bird breeding season, which at its broadest would be March to August. To get to the closure info, there is a special PDF at that lists them (most of the changes are related to fishing, but in this region there are 5 or 6 areas that are closed to all boats).

That area also falls under the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (Pacifica, where you launched, is not, but you entered it once you rounded the point going south). They may have their own rules, but I don’;t think any closures to kayaks or other boats.

That area does get a lot of watching from bird people, so your being there was likely noted.

Keep in mind that that area is open ocean and sh!t can happen. Here was an incident off of Devil’s Slide that happened to the Neptune’s Ranger guys about a year ago: Full disclosure - that first clip in the video was taken by me.

It’s Mark’s fault…
…since we live in a society that lacks personal responcibilities. I actually stumbled across the DFG links on my own,(classic looking after asking), then remembered that Mark had told me about Egg Rock, but sadly had forgotten the second time I was there, (without adult supervision). My bad, shame on me. I shall endeavor to not be a blight upon kayaking in the future. Thanks for posting the links at any rate. Hopefully my poor example will lead others in the right direction.

I’d seen the Devil’s Slide clip before, very educational. I was on my way to HMB last Sunday when the conversation of the small surf and other options led us out that way. We had a great day in very friendly conditions. Wouldn’t have gone there otherwise at this point.

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Holy Sh–!