Marine Velcro?

I have an idea for a Velcro paddle holder. Is there such a thing as “marine grade” Velcro, or does the regular stuff work okay in water?

I have seen some types of Velcro or Velcro-type tapes labeled as being for marine use.

None of them is meant for continued immersion.

Best thing to do would be to buy a small amount and test it out in a jug of water. Let the adhesive set up for a while before you stick the tape into the jug.

The glue is the weak link - and they have MANY formulations. Some of the 3m adhesives they use are extemely tough, as in industrial/permanent - but whatever the stuff I have is, salt water unsticks pretty quickly.

If not using stick on it won’t matter, just get whatever agressiveness of hook/loop fits your application.

3M Dual Lock
The partial spray covers for my Bell WildFire are held in place with 3-M Dual Lock strips. The strips are self-adhesive and while they are not immersed all the time they do get wet a lot and have held for 3 years now – and show no signs of weakening. This is somewhat similar to Velcro, but much more heavy duty. The problem is getting a small quantity of this product; one has to buy a roll… I’ve never seen this particular product in retail stores in small (or large) quantities, only online. Here’s a link for this product:

I’ve seen Dual Lock at Home Depot…
…and other stores. It comes in packages of short strips (2-3") that are hideously expensive, relatively speaking.

I used…

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I have used Velcro brand 'Marine Grade' hold downs on my boat. I use them to hold a pocket watch. It gets wet almost every time out and never is a problem. When I attached it to the boat, I cleaned the surface well with an auto prep cleaner and let it dry well in the sun. It stuck 100%. Another time, on an early dewy morning, I tried to attach a small compass using the same type of velcro and no matter how much I dried it with a towel, it wouldn't stick to the boat.

PS..I found mine at West Marine..

I bought some marine grade
velcro at West marine. It worked a bit better, and adhered somewhat longer than regular velcro, but the adhesive is coming loose and I will need to replace it soon (I am using velcro to create a mount for my GPS on my shearwater, so that I can see while paddling)

Thanks Brian
I find myself in need of some more Dual Lock myself for a project I’m working on. Good to know it’s available at HD. Yep, gotta agree the stuff is expensive. But hey, it does a great job… and it sure beats buying a big roll.

My experience
is that the velcro is way stronger than the glue. When you try to pull the velcro apart the glue gives first. Perhaps there is a glue out there that is both strong and waterproof but I doubt it. I just use the velcro straps you can get at most shops. I wrap it around a deck line until I need it and then wrap it around the paddle shaft as well. Cheapest and easiest paddle park I know.

Which GPS?

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The Garmin mounts fit really nice on that angled flat spot between the wells on the Shearwater. Puts it in good view and out of the way. The whole cradle comes off leaving on the small oval mount, which is small and low profile with rounded edges. Their permanent adhesive disk is quite strong.

Magellan has something similar I think, but a bit bulkier.

I put a Garmin mount on the Shearwater I sold kfsrmn. Maybe he has pictures if he didn't remove it. Doesn't show up too well in mine (GPSMAP 76 is folded down - and can stay that way - and mount is also serving as a tie down point for the compass bungees).

Anyway, let me know what GPS and I might have other ideas...

Better pictures of same mount on my Q700:

Another observation
I’ve found that the adhesive loses its grip when it gets cold. I’ve had pads that were well adhered all summer pop off, glue and all, in the winter.