Marine VHF Radio again

Has anyone compared ICOM M72 and Cobra MR HH425LI VP? I like Cobra’s VOX capability, but not sure how other features measure up.

VOX isn’t terribly useful…
…especially on windy days. I don’t know what Cobra’s quality and reliability is like, but ICOM radios are near bulletproof.

Looking for a VHF or replacing?
This is the guy.

Standard HX270S

$89 at Defenders.

A friend at the Coast Aux. Just bought 10 for members. Best ounce for ounce radio out there especially considering the price.

Thank You
Perfect timing.

Great price. Any idea how these measure up to ICOMs?

Standard Has an Excellent Reputation
I’ve been using an HX350 that has been submerged many, many times and keeps on ticking. I’m replacing it with something that will fit in my pfd pocket. The HX350 is relatively big and bulky.

Actually, their reputation is CRAP!

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In particular, the HX460 was a horrible radio. Everyone I know who owns or owned one experienced leakage and failures. Their older radios like the HX350 were good, but I wouldn't buy from them again. ICOM make better radios, hands down.

I’ll let you know how the HX270S performs. It’s on the way.

No problems whatsover; into its 3rd season.

Friends steered me away from the newer Standard models. My local West Marine store confirmed high rate of returns on the newer Standard products.

Admittedly, this case study had a small sample size.

You pays your money …

I can’t compare the two, but I can tell you that I love my M72. I carry it in my lifevest without a case, and it gets wet pretty close to everyday. I’ve had no problems for the two years or is it three now? that I’ve had it.

I have a index size cheatsheet that I made. If you buy an M72, drop me a line and I’ll forward you the cheatsheet.

Looks like the ICOM failed
according to the testing done in this article and the Standard got very high marks.


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according to the review the ICOM M1+ "failed" (on a second lengthy immersion), but the M15 did not.

To the best of my knowledge the waterproof rating on ICOM's M72 is superior to either of the VHF units reviewed in the cited article.

Question: what is the date of the review? Many of the units do not appear to be their manufacturer's most current models. The ICOM M1 and M15 are not currently listed at the ICOM USA website:

I am a happy prior owner of the ICOM M88 (4+ years). I now have the M72. I do not bag my radios and they have been immersed repeatedly during practice and combat rolls with no ill effects.

As with most things VHF radios required a small amount of PM (Rinse after every saltwater use; check and apply silicone grease to seals annually; clean contacts if needed).

ICOMs can fail, but in the small number of cases I am aware of the users did not perform basic PM (as stated above).

BTW, If you search the forum archives on one would find that the Standard models have a very spotty history for sea kayaking usage by club members. Overall the ICOMs fared considerably better.


You are absolutely correct

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about the current ICOM models vs current Standard models.

Few paddlers use any of those models

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Biggest risk with something like the M72 is getting it stolen, like mine was.

Thing was a year old and still on initial charge!!!

That’s a VERY old article…
…which is essentially useless now, as nearly all those radios are long out of production.