Marine/weather radio

Does anyone have experiance with this model?

Apparently there are 80 billion places online where I can buy it or that tell me where the cheapest place I can buy it is, but I can’t seem to find any unbiased information on how user friendly it is or if there are any problems people have had with it. Thanks.

I have one
I just bought one of these, but since I haven’t used it on the water yet I can’t tell you how well it works. I can tell you that you can find it for about $30 less than the price on the site you listed. It’s a great size and weight and comes with both AC and DC rechargers. I think my biggest concern with it will be handling the small buttons in cold weather, but I didn’t see larger buttons on any of the other brands.

Have you had it long enough…
To know how long the charge lasts on stand-by, or if you can pop in a new battery if you’re out camping somewhere and don’t have a place to plug it in to recharge?

Had one for a year
No complaints, although it’s the first marine radio I’ve used so I have nothing to compare it to. It’s tiny, powerful, light weight and the battery life is phenomenal. Been dunked multiple times in salt water, no ill effects. Only fault I might find is that the combined squelch/volume knobs are tricky with gloves on. And it goes nuts every time I turn my camera on.

To give you an idea how small…
See if you can find the Voyager in this pic:

I just got one . . .
and it is an impressive little radio that easily sits on the strap of my PFD. I have charged it up and it picks up the local NOAA broadcast well. When I have more experience, I will post a review.

Uniden warranties the unit for three years and doesn’t require you to intially register your purchase; just keep proof of purchase. After three years, they have a “radio life saver” program where they will repair the unit for a flat fee of $49. This requires no up front payment. Just send it the unit with $49 if it breaks after the warranty is up; I am impressed!

For those who have had one a while, I have a question: the exernal microphone jack has a little rubber cover that does not seem so secure and worries me for water intrusion. I am tempted to “enhance” the seal under the rubber gasket with a touch of plumber’s putty around the edges and duct tape over the jack itself. How has this seal worked out for those who own one?

i have one.
bought it last year. no complaints. very solidly built, loud enough, does what it’s supposed to do. i don’t use it much more than a monitor, but is as small and at least as good as the more expensive horizon model.

really remarkable battery life. too: i’ve had mine stashed away in a bag for the last several months–just went to turn it on and it’s still ticking 5x5 on the same charge.

there was a rebate on it a year ago or so–might want to look around for another.

Akakii, what site has this VHF radio
for the best price?
I paid $135.95 in January. I just looked on their site and saw that it’s up to $148.95. I also saw a couple on eBay going for around $120 or so (used) back when I was shopping around.

I left mine on for 30 hours to test the battery life and the battery meter only went down one bar.

Icom m1v and m88
A number of folks here have said that the icom m1v and m88 were voted as toughest and most reliable useable for heavy duty salt water applications. I am getting the m1v. Might be worth a look depending on what you are using it for. don’t know about the voyager.

I have the same concern
The buttons on the Voyager are smaller and closer together than on many other radios, so operating it with gloves on would be a challenge. Icom radios (M88 & M1V) are better in that regard. So are Standard Horizon radios, but I’ve had (and seen) so much trouble with their HX460 failing repeatedly that I cannot recommend their radios.

My MIV Is Still Going Strong
after two years and countless immersions. It’s cheaper now that when I bought it for around $250.

Thesmaller M88 model is kinda of cool with the but I don’t like the “tinny” sound coming out of that small speaker or something.