Mark Rogers Hawk

Does anyone have any information on the Hawk 18’10"x 21.5". Stability? Rough water manners? Etc. Is the bigger sister to the Arctic Hawk.

Some info…

I know the arctic hawk was too small for size 10 ft

My size 11’s fit in the one I tried…eom

sizes 10s in ah
I had a Arctic Hawk for several years and my size 10 feet fit fine, the person I sold it too has size 13 feet and they fit

Artic Hawk
AH is a very well mannered and beautifully constructed boat. W/O a skeg it requires some attention to keep online, but nothing dramatic. It rolls easily and I can balance brace it. I have size 10 feet and long legs and have no problem fitting them into the AH even with neo boots. That said, am considering selling it, so if you’re interested email me off line.