Martha’s Vineyard Sea Kayaking, Massachusetts (also Cape Cod area)

Looking for others in and around the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts to paddle with. I can also travel from the island to Cape Cod area. I have two sea kayaks and can loan one out if you take the ferry to the island. I have a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 15.5 and a Necky Lockhart IV 17.5.

Watch out for white sharks.

@string said:
Watch out for white sharks.

Yeah, this past summer we had a swimmer attacked by a Great White not far from here on Cape Cod. It is sometimes unsettling to paddle here especially when summer is here, seals are around and tourists always ask about where the “Jaws” movie sites are because it was filmed here.

Sharks are more of a concern in the Chatham/Momomoy area where large populations of seals congregate. Years ago, it was fun to paddle with the seals around Monomoy. Since the seal population exploded and the sharks arrived to the “seal buffet”, it’s not so interesting.