marvel 12 by native watercraft

Is there ANYBODY out there that has imformation or owns one. It seems that I cant find out much, maybe because its new to the native line. Please help.

Go to this Native messsge board…
…and scroll down a few pages. You may find something.

Marvel Series Review
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We just bought a Marvel 12. We were looking for a nice rec kayak that my husband could occasionally fish from and paddle in quiet lakes and streams. We got a great deal on the Angler Edition, which includes a rod holder, a plastic front deck and an anchor. It's very nice. It's a sit-in kayak with the Native Watercraft "First Class" seat.

My husband is 6'5"/200lbs with a 36" inseam and he finds this boat very comfortable except he has to put the seat all the way back in order to use the foot pedals. The seat has two positions. Unfortunately in order to use the Native Watercraft spray skirt he has to put the seat in the forward position which means he can't use the foot pedals. :( There aren't many choices when it come to spray skirts because the cockpit is so big. Fortunately a Seal Splash Deck X in the largest size (I believe it's a 7) did work.

He also found that a 240cm paddle was necessary for him to keep from hitting the sides of the boat with his hands and paddle due to his height, the width of the boat and his seating position. He uses a 230cm Werner Kalliste in his Prijon Touryak and doesn't have this problem in that boat

The Marvel is quite tough and well made and tracks quite well even though we don't have a rudder for it. I like it so much that when I'm tired of my inflatable I'll probably get the Marvel 10 (10' version) and use it for my rec boat.

Nothing bad to say about it. It's a well made rec kayak with a lot of nice accessories from the factory. If you want to stand up and fish though you are better off with their canoe/kayak hybrid the "Ultimate". The Marvel is more of a kayak.