Maryland/Chespeake Bay Paddling

Hey All,

I haven’t been on in while and since the warm weather is upon us, I am looking forward to planning my kayaking, thus I need a little help and a few suggestions.

First off, I have gotten pretty good with our kayak, but only having been in the sport for about two years now, I am hoping to get a little schooling in to hone my new favourite sport. I live here in Maryland and a few months ago you folks were kind enough to recommend a particular kayaking instructor with an Irish sounding name here in the DC region. The other day I over heard a colleague at work talking about this same guy but she could not remember it, but said that this guy was simply the best. I think it was Keiran or something similarly sounding. If anyone can help me recall the name and perhaps an email…

Finally, anyone who lives in the DC Baltimore/Chesapeake Bay area who has any favourite paddling trips I would love to hear about them. I have extensively paddled the creeks and rivers in the St. Michaels / Tilghman Island area, but would love to expand a bit. A buddy of mine is moving to a place on the Elk River in Cecil County so any info on that area too would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading this posting and I look forward to hearing from you soon !

Here is some info. from another post

Check out the Chesapeake Paddlers Assoc
For starters check out these three organizations; The Chesapeake Paddlers Association, Storm Paddle, sand Paddle Wise. Plenty of talent, folks to paddle with and first rate information on the Chesapeake Bay. Good Luck, R/ Mark

Yellow over white Falcon

Ciaran Lesikar?