Maryland leaf paddle recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for day trips to see the fall foliage, preferably at a mountain lake but I’m open. I’m near Frederick, Md.

Close to Frederick, try the Potomac or Monocacy. Potomac around Harpers Ferry should be pretty, but that is moving water and some C II features. But there are many lake-like sections of the Potomac, and the Monocacy has little current.

If you just have to have a lake, maybe western Maryland. Jennings reservoir is nestled among hills, but I don’t know what type of trees—pine doesn’t give much of foliage show.

Harper’s Ferry is hard to beat. I remember the trees from 50 years ago.

Monocacy to Point of Rocks on the Potomac would be good. Can be done in a composite boat unless the water levels are very low.

14.2 statute miles. Excessive currant may make paddling upriver difficult. Should be fine now.