Maryland Magothy River

Just wondering if anyone knows of a public park or parking area on the Magothy River in MD?

Such a big river and I can’t find a public access point =(

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The Chesapeake Kayakers should be able to help you out. They used to have a lot of info on launch sites on their website. If they don't have what you are looking for, just post a question on their forum

In addition, there are two maps that show launch sites. One is called the "Guide to Maryland Boat Ramps and Piers," and the other is called "Chesapeake Bay, Susquehanna River & tidal tributaries public access guide"

I picked both maps up a paddling shops, but if you'd rather not go that route, the first one was put out by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service in Annapolis. The second one was put out by the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Sources: From the site: These guides are available at many Maryland State parks and Chesapeake Gateways Sites.

Or if you don't feel like making the drive, there is info on how to get them on this site:

Good luck!

The closest access I’m aware of
is at Sandy Point just south and east of the mouth of the Magothy. You’ll have to paddle a few miles to actually be in the Magothy.