Mass Inuit kayak launch

I’m a MST3K watcher and in The Deadly Mantis around the 48 minute mark, we get a great mass beach launch of SOF kayaks from back in the day. Cool stuff!

Watched about 15 minutes of it, bracketed around the 48 minute mark and did not see the scene which you describe. Are you sure about the time mark? (sorry, my patience for cheesy old horror films is limited so I did not search farther – but I am wondering if the scene was one lifted from the faux documentary “Nanook of the North” which I recall watching several times as a kid in the 1950’s).

The 40:30 mark is where the scene begins.

“If everybody had a kayak…”

Thanks, Holmes 375. I’d watched it first in one place (were the timestamp was correct), but posted to a different, easier link (where the time stamp was incorrect). Thanks for the correction!

Caught the clip with the corrected time stamp; very cool! The Inuit extras were better actors than the Anglo cast, IMHO…