Mass. South Shore Lake ?

We will be coming up to Duxbury in a couple of weeks and will be there for several weeks.

Can anyone suggest a lake or pond that would be a good place for canoeing and directions to a put in?

I was wondering about Billington Sea, or any others in Myles Standish State forest or that general area.

Thanks in advance,


North River

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Is less than 10 miles away. Time your trip. Paddle upstream on an incoming tide and return on an outgoing tide.
Also, East Head Pond is 20 miles south in the Miles Standish State Forest.

Will send you directions if interested.

Yes, thank you
I would be interested in that East Head pond.

I know the North river and we will be racing our kayaks in it,(have aready entered) but two years ago when we trained in it with our canoe, we didn’t consider the tides, and doing 30 miles, requiring going back and forth no matter how you time it you can’t catch the tide correct, and there is one spot just up river from the Norwell put-in where we had to make about four attempts before we could make it up a rapid because of the outgoing gushing water.

Directions to that pond and a put-in there and possibly a description would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance, and cheers,

Jack L

Billington Sea
Billington Sea is a good sized pond with an island in the middle. It does get pretty windy on there so it may be a good workout. Use these directions to Billington Sea Kayak. They can get you to the launch. They also rent boats now.

You may also want to think about Plymouth Harbor. If you stay inside the jetty it is pretty calm. It’s a nice touristy paddle. You can get real close to the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock.

Whitmans Pond in Weymouth is a pretty good size only not as remote as Billington Sea. Take Rte 3 north from Duxbury and get off at RTE 18 south. Take a left at the first light at the top of the hill. Follow a mile or to until you reach another light. (Walmart, Stop and Shop). Go straight through that light and the pond will be on your right in about a mile.

Some of our club members will be working the race as spotters. I’ll look for the 2 QCC’s and say Hi. If you want to do some other kayaking check our site for trips. We do Hingham Harbor every other Thursday night for about 5 miles. We also have a trip to the Brewsters plannned on the 5th.

East Head Pond
From I-495, Exit 2, go north on Route 58 toward South Carver. In 2.4 miles (2.4 mile), when Route 58 goes left, continue straight on Tremont Street. In 0.8 mile(3.2 miles), turn right onto Cranberry Road, and follow it for 2.7 miles (5.9 miles) to the Myles Standish State Forest. At the yield sign, go right 0.1 mile (6.0 miles) to the visitor center. Park in the visitor center lot and carry your boat about 100 yards, crossing the bridge over the outlet, to the access on the left.

You might want to use a kayak cart for that 100 yard walk.


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We might try to get to Hingham Harbor.
I know Plymouth Harbor very well. we used to live there thirty years ago.
On the NR race, I'll be the old man in the yellow 700, and my wife will be in her bright red baby QCC.
I had forgotton about Whitmans Pond. that could be a good option

thanks again,


That sounds like a good option, and good directions.

This P-net is great as are the people on it.