Massasaugh Prov. Park - Georgian Bay

Well, we’re getting serious into our debate over this summer’s trip…we were hellbent on Pukasquwa (I misspelled that, sorry) but then started looking at Massasaugh Prov. Park in Georgina Bay…anyone been there?

Ideas? Routes? Favorite spots? Advice?

Massassauga Provincial Park
I have heard that there are some nice spots in Massassauga but I’ve also heard that there can be a lot of motor boat traffic. Overall I think it will offer more sheltered paddling than you will find in Pukaskwa National Park.

How long a trip are you planning and what are you looking for in terms of open water, sheltered lakes, portages, etc?

Massassauga Prov
Havent been there,,,but online pics look great!! I agree with post about boat traffic in certain areas,,,it seems inevitable unless ya go to Quetico ,,Boundry Waters or Algonquin etc,,Im planning a trip end Sept/Oct to French River/Georgian Bay area(60 mi. north of Mass.)and return via Pickerel River,big loop,also looking for info or others interested,would possibly be interested in your trip also,depending on dates of trip

You need to reserve your specific

The Mass is busy. And depending on the date of your trip the five month window has passed and your trip may be taken.

French River farther north does not take reservations and Puskaskwa is completely different…big water and no facilities and really no place to hide.

Have paddled all three. Mass just once too busy. FRPP six times and I am going back to Puk for the second time this summer.