Master Lock 3-inch carabiners.

Just sharing what I’ve considered to be a good little find, the best cheap little biners I’ve seen. I get them for $1 each at Fred Meyers.

Slotted lock, smooth acting swing arm. Pretty strong spring. Some variation in swing arm action, so I do my own QC and pick good ones from the bin. Zinc die-cast construction.

Have used them for 9 months on one end of my safety tie downs to clip under the car. The color coating peals off, of course, but no corrosion at all so far, at least one trip per week, including to the coast. I didn’t think zinc was all that corrosion resistant, but so far so good. I’ll have to ask one of the materials guys or gals about that.

Paul S.

is the material that is used to coat steel to retard rusting. (galvanized nails ,sheet metal like roof flashings etc.)

you are actually putting a LOAD on those!!!

Zinc die cast–Good for holding keys, etc. Do not depend on them to hold something with a load. You can crack one of those with very little effort.

Seriously, if you are using them to tie down a boat you are endangering people on the road around you plus you will lose your boat.

Right on
the aluminum ones aren’t much better either.

Go to a marine supply for a strong and corosion resistant one or a climber supply for a very lightweight one. Prepair for “sticker shock” !