Matrix roof rack

We just bought a new Toyota Matrix, and are looking for a good roof rack. Toyota makes one, but is quite expensive. Does anyone have any experience with Yakima or Thule, or with any other rack manufacturer that would fit the bill? Your advice as always is greatly appreciated.

paddle safe, LJB.

I don’t have experience with that particular car, But you’ll be happy with either, as both are top end. I tend to see more Thules on the road, but my preference is Yakima.

If you are close enough to Campmor retail store in Paramus, NJ, their prices are about the lowest I’ve seen anywhere -at least as of last year.

I have a Pontiac Vib that has the same roof line. I used both the Yakima and Thule in past and prefer the Thule system on my vehicle

My friend just got one and it’s a great car for paddle sports/camping and great mileage.She got the yakima racks, hull raiser is needed if you are thinking of putting two boats side by side forget it with the 48" bars. If it would have been me, I would have gone to longer bars but don’t know if it’s possible with this car. Also, get the wind deflector if not the rack makes a very loud noise when on the highway due to wind

I have a Matrix and got a Sport-Rac kayak saddle rig for it. I’m not sure if they’re available in the US (They’re Canadian), but I like it a lot. The only draw-back is they recommend only using it for a single boat, no multi pilling on of boats.