Mattress, this is not an ad.

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There may be worse backs on here, but if they are, you are a cripple.
I am 1/4 Canadian.
Our just departed mattress was a foam Tempurpedic.I am not a small guy and after 5 years, I was sleeping in a hole and waking up crippled to the point where I needed a walker to get to the bathroom.
I started looking in mattress and furniture stores.King Mattresses are expensive!The best I found was a Sealy for $2500.My standard was the beds in Holiday Inn Expresses.Comfortable but firm.
We took a chance and ordered a Saatva. Never heard of them but they claimed to be what I wanted.They only sell on the internet, for half the price of nationally advertised brands.Delivery and set up included. We paid less than $100 for a new frame and to have the old mattress taken away.The mattress looks and feels great.
Paddling relevance? I have not paddled in over a month because of a sprained back.I'm hoping the mattress

My wife and I like our SleepNumber bed.
Her back is more achy when she sleeps on anything else.

Lol :laughing: mattress in

Are you Canadian?

Not sure you are in the right forum

Not having a bad back sleeping can’t help


Try reading the post.

How about a report in a month or so?
Need to replace my set, but would have to win the lottery to buy the one I’d really like to get.

Checked out the Saatva site; looks credible.

Will do. Don’t think it will take a
month. Please remind me if I don’t. My memory isn’t what it was.

Try posting on an appropriate forum

Thanks for posting String
Given the ever increasing age of the group several of us will find this interesting.

I’ve wondered about the adjustable sleep numbers but afraid the price would keep me up at night!

Good Luck we’ll be watching for a report.

Hope to



I can tell by the tone…
… you are missing B& B already. :unamused:

I’ve bought 2 king Sleep Number beds
used for about $500 each in good condition, but only one had the foundation with it.


Everybodys back is different. I discovered while canoe tripping that a hammock is the best bed for my back. I even installed hooks for it in my bedroom.

Different strokes, Turtle

Poor with achy back - yuck.

First night report.
Is this like a guy with 8 hours in a Pelican who thinks it is the best boat ever?

Not sleeping in a hole on mushy bed was great! Mattress is very supportive and I woke with no back pain after 10 hours.

I’m retired and sometimes take full advantage of it.

I’ve never experienced a comfortable

That’s good news.

Sally and I are going out to dinner with Jack & Nanci, Greyhawk, and another paddling friend tonite. Sally asks me when I think we ought to head out.

I say ‘Seven?’

She looks at me.


She looks at me again.

“Hmm, six?”, sez I.

We’ll remind you for an update in about a month, Jim.

If we remember.

It’s sometimes a wonder I remember what I’m doing when I


Frank in… Miami!

On a Bed of Nails
On a bed of nails

you just might find

no backing support

when you’re out of line

making many points

to back-up at this juncture

why no beans-before-bed

lest there’s frack-you-puncture!

A super-firm Sealy seemed to work for me and my weary vertebrae. Least, till failures in memory foam pillows and the oxygen depravity of apnea came a callin’. Now, some nights I fear that which had once knitted-up ravelled sleeves of care, and dozing away in a La-Z-Boy seems preferable.

But then, with properly administered malted medication, I have been known to catch some semi-effective Z’s whilst wicker-seated amidships in a Mad River Explorer, drifting unhelmed on Lake Raystown’s calm surface. Hammocks will do in a pinch, too.

Sometimes you just gotta hope you can find an un-tossed, sans-somnambulistic respite where it lies, and perhaps the ole bony ladder rack will forgive in the AM java sessions. Other times, that princess-pea comes piercing on up through the finest Serta-defense you might clamour aboard. Then, I guess you just gotta go join Patsy (least, prior to her final plane ride), and go a walkin’, after midnite.

Yup, this gettin’ old thing does come with its own less-than-healthy set of torments, don’t it?

Well, most of the time I find the air does still taste better than dirt. So, on we go. Paddlin’ on, too, hopefully. Eh Frank? Hell, let 'em knowest our coming by these crooked silhouettes we soldier on ahead of the sun!

my sympathies string
It sucks having a back or anything else limit your activity.

FWIW a hammock always seems to set my back off, but he’s right, different things work for different backs.