Maui - Sea Kayaking or Surf Kayaking?

Heading to Maui in February for a vacation. Looking to see if we can kayak there, either traditional sea kayaks or surf kayaks. Does anyone have any suggestions?

All the tours and rentals seem to be recreational sit on tops. I may do that if I can not line up anything else as I would love to see the coast from the water. Any suggestions for companies if I go that route?


Good luck…
trying to find something other than a rec boat. I was able to rent a surf ski from Twogood kayaks on Oahu. But that’s the exception. You may have more luck trying to find an OC-1, since they are more common. But even those are not usually rented.



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hello.......i've been to Maui a couple of times, stayed in the south Kihei area.....if you go to makena/makena landing area ( SW Maui) there is usually a roadside kayak rental there everyday.most are SOT's because they are so stable for non-kaykers but he did have a couple of sea kayaks available last i knew.(2008) I don't remember the outfits name. I don't remember seeing any rentals on east side of isle.

Maui …
Hi …can i ask if you have been to Maui before? and if no, i can offer some suggestions for the trip.

BT Surfzone…
if you are serious about doing some kayak/waveski surfing out there. There are several members from Hawaii who post there regularly and have responded to those looking for info.


I usually try to find
a boat I want to paddle, or boats I know of at least and then surf the dealer list on the manufacturers website until I find what I am looking for.

Valley may have a dealer in HA. Which means you’ll get a sea kayak or a surf kayak.