Am researching holiday options for 2011 and considering Maui. Anyone know of a business that rents sit in kayaks for sea kayaking?

Any other recommendations on Maui also appreciated.

Not Maui but on Oahu
Twogood kayaks will rent sit in’s and surf ski’s. Twogood is located in Kailua. Nice people to deal with.


Careful. There’s a leopard colony.


Western side of the island is where…
I stayed years ago. Lahaina is beautiful. The road to Hana/Haleakala are not to be missed. Bring warm clothing for the top. We stayed in a condo just south of Kapalua golf course, right on the water. Other than the cost of things (a $20 bill is a Maui Dollar) we found it to be paradise.

Can’t help you with kayaking rentals, but there is a surf rental shop in Lahaina that hooked us up with a private fishing boat for the day. You’ll love it.

west side…

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...for sure. Unless you enjoy endless whitecaps and seaspray, the north side is too windy to enjoy in a SINK. Lahaina (and further south in Wailea and Makena)is where most of the upscale resorts are located. Some have kayaks guests can use.

Maalnea Bay is normally the "sea of tranquility" compared to the wild surf elsewhere, because it is in a cove best shielded from the relentless north winds. However, be forewarned, winds can shift abruptly.

There are several outfitter/tour companies based in north Kihei (which is more affordable than the above mentioned areas). You can paddle out to the crescent shaped remains of an extinct volcanoe that lies between southwest Maui and the uninhabited island of Kahoolawe. Spectacular snorkeling.

If you go in the winter months, you will almost certainly see humpbacks, especially from Lahaina & Kaanapali.

PS: I disgree with the many that will tell you the Road to Hana is a "must." Once synonomous with "the road less traveled," it has lately become a daily tourist traffic jam. If you do it, go very early & enjoy the scenery on the way back.

Bear in mind

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that virtually all kayak rentals in Hawaii are SOT's.

On my two trips to Hawaii, Twogood was the only place that would rent SINKS and ski's. OC-1's are almost imposible to rent. Kailua is located on the East coast of Oahu, and Kailua bay is gorgeous.


thanks and appreciate the
info. Have been to Oahu and the Big Island but never Maui. Any more info also appreciated.

again, thanks.
all info appreciated.

Not sure he is still there …
Ron Bass

Will rent you SINK boats for surfing, not seakayaks.

Not sure you can find SINK seakayaks to rent on Maui.

Try this

I went on a combination kayaking/ snorkeling trip on the very south end of the island. It was fun, but very windy. It’s at pretty much the end of the road where the terrain turns volcanic. Nice trip to what they called the “aquarium” and the “fish bowl” I think. I’d recommend it for a fun outing. They used Ocean Kayak scupper pro’s with tank wells when I was there a few years ago. Not sure if this is the same company, but it looks like a very similar trip.

The Very Best guide books are the
"Revealed" series by Wizard Publications …

Tons of good, real world info in there.

Also check out Maui Crafts Guild in Paia Town for some really neat stuff.

Like Oahu, you gotta lock your car and don’t leave your keys / sunglasses on the beach while you swim.

You will come back to an empty space and a new set of footprints in the sand.

re : Maui
there is /was a outfit down the other side of Wailea @ Makena Landing via Honoiki ST. …that rented kayaks…Sinks are pretty rare among rentals but i did see a couple. Most are Ocean SOT’s because they are stable and easy to get on and off from in the surf. there’s a small state park @ makena landing. decent snorkeling there too. not too far a paddle to Turtle town area from there. Always a surf crashing the shore no matter where you go. Small bays probably being the only exception. Take Rt. 31 down thru Wailea, past the golf courses to Makena area. if u have a GPS , punch in 6935 Makena Rd… that 'll take u right to the park. Use google Earth to scope out the place.

my last visit to Maui was in 2008 …the Road to Hana thing can be enjoyable , they repaved the road and made it a bit wider in some spots. it’s definitely a all-day trip. 12-14hrs! beyond hana is the 7 pools state park. stop at the bamboo forest along hana hwy ( Rt 36/360)… twin waterfalls after a short walk thru the forest. always take xtra clothes/shoes everywhere ya go…mountaintop can be very cold…i’ve seen people wrapped in newspapers trying to stay warm ! 85 on the beach/ 45 on Haleakala mount. I recommend the Hana audio CD $20, otherwise u’ll miss things. Find a outgoing tourist with 1 and u can probably get it for $5. Be aware the Hana hwy is door handle to door handle wide !! single lane bridges…10-15 mph speed limit…hairpin curves…Iao valley will blow yer mind the 1st time ya drive up the short valley. Maui is really getting overdeveloped , so dont expect much.

I’ll second…
Iao valley…simply amazing!