Maumee River - Ft. Wayne to Defiance

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Anybody have an idea what the water conditions are like from where the Maumee River starts in Ft. Wayne down to Defiance. How are the water levels typically during the summer?

Maumeee in real-time
Go here for real-time water conditions at Defiance. Conditions at many other sites available.,00060,00010


Is this river
located in any particular state? How about a clue.

Ft. Wayne is in Indiana.
Ft. Wayne is in Indiana. Defiance is in Ohio.

ends at Lake Erie right?
Is this the same river that goes through the town of Maumee en route to Lake Erie?

If so, I’ve often wondered about paddling it. Please post a trip report if you go.

Maumee River - Lake Erie
Yes, the Maumee river starts in Ft. Wayne, IN and travels through Ohio before emptying into Lake Erie. I’ve paddled a little of the river before. Just kind of interested in what the river is like near it’s beginnings in Ft. Wayne, i.e. whether it is paddleable in the summer or too shallow.

Maumee River
Well I’m looking at the Maumee River right now (my office overlooks it in downtown Toledo). I can tell you that right now it is very high with all the rain we’ve had lately. Unfortunately I don’t know the status between Fort Wayne and Defiance, but I expect it’s close to as high as it usually ever gets right now.

Not paddled it yet…
I live a couple of miles from Cedar Creek - which after a few miles flows into the St. Joe river, which in turn runs 7-9 miles and flows into the Mighty Muddy Maumee. I have paddled up to the last dam on the St. Joe before it joins the Maumee, but not any further. I would be more then willing to paddle the section from Fort Wayne to Antwerp, Ohio and post a trip report. Maybe someone else could do the same for various sections along the way - pretty soon it is somewhat mapped out as to what to expect in each area. Just a thought - anyone else want to join in?

trip reports
There are actually a few trip reports on the Maumee River in the Ohio trip section. Unfortunately nothing really about the area between Ft. Wayne and Defiance. I would love to hear about the trip from Ft. Wayne to Antwerp.