Max Load on fiberglass topper?

I now have a good topper(fiberglass) and a good yakima rack. anybody hav experience on load limits for fiberglass.

someone told me a stacker sytstem would ease the stress on the topper and help mpg. not likly to haule more than one boat at a time for now, but usualy carry at least two during paddling season posibly more.(usualy hauling my yak and other guides yaks)

The topper is in almost perfect condition. no cracks or nothing just some chiped paint.

I would contact the topper maker
Toppers are not all the same. Leer used to have photos showing several men standing on top of one of their glass toppers but I wouldn’t test mine that way. (The one I had on a previous truck may have helped save my life during a rollover, though. The topper looked less damaged than the cab did.)

If poss. better to mount with those fake rain gutter ( which mount on the sides of cap) things from Yakima and spread the load inside with some big fender washers.

Limit is probably rack brackets
I have a standard Leer on a full size Chevrolet, with the bolt-on Yackima raingutter adapters. Leer rated it for 200 lbs but said it was a good bit stronger.

I’ve had up to about 350 lbs on it (3 regular 17’ royalex canoes plus two kayaks) for a long trip with no problems at all on the topper.

I did have a Yakima 1A bracket snap (literally rip into two pieces) due to wind loads with 5 race boats on the roof in strong winds in Kansas, well under 200 lbs on the roof but strong forces from the winds. There was no damage to the Leer cap.

If it is a reputable fiberglass cap I suspect any load that the racks are rated for would be fine.

I’m trying to
remember what Snug Top told me and I think it was 200#. I had them install the track and a Yakima system when I bought it. I have had 100# on there more than once with a single and a double and gone to FL& back. I have also, with stackers, had 4 at a time without problem.



load it up!
I have an ARE cab-high cap on a Ranger and when I emailed the company, they told me it was the limit of the rack system I attached. I’m using Thule 60" Tracks and their standard Trackers and bars rated at 165#. I carry two 16’ poly Necky sea yaks up there on Malone Autoloaders…about 120#. So far no problems. The cap has a really thick roof section.

Of course, vehicle height and other factors play into what is a safe load limit.

Since it’s a used cap, I check for stress cracks and other issues before and after each trip. And I ALWAYS use front and rear safety lines!

Contact the manufacturer just to be safe.


normaly only going to carry 60lbs (my yak) but possibly up to120lbs. i figuerd the setup was good for that much.