Max Wing Paddle: Who has 1 & any good?

Here’s the ad with info. I see no reviews on Pnet for this. Anyone have one? I know nothing about wings… seven degrees, etc.?

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This is a 210 - 220cm adjustable full Carbon fiber large/mid wing. It has the early style South Afican Max foam core blades which are no longer available - but we still have about 7 new pairs. The blades are very stiff and have about 7 degrees of twist so it is a stable blade for a wing. It has a Flyer made in USA ultra light carbon shaft and a Canadian SRS adjuster. The total weight of this paddle is 27.7 ounces.

Here’s the website. No one uses this?

I got mine today, it is sweet looking, carbon. I have no idea how to use this thing, but I’m going paddling now and may try it. I read online that, in the best of experienced hands, the wing is about 4% faster than a traditional blade paddle. That may be a difference for racers, but is it different for us novices? I don’t guess so.

So translate that money into something
that I can relate to.

I don’t want to pay 1500 whatevers unless it comes out to be really low.

I just yesterday ordered my new wing from Pat Onno.

I am getting a smaller one then my Epic.

I’ll use the big Epic on the short races and the smaller ONNO on longer ones.

In my case when I went from a touring paddle to the wing, it increased my speed by 1MPH, but it also took me a long time to get used to the wing.

If I wasn’t racing I probably would have never got the wing, and when I am doing a smell the pond lilly paddle or a smell the sea weed paddle I still prefer the touring paddle, but that is just me.



Are these blades also 280 gms ?
Thats really heavy if these are foam core ones …

7 degrees of twist is sort of ‘old school’ …

Not as efficient, but a little more forgiving depending on the profile.

YES, the wing paddle is fun to use and is actually sort of ‘coaches you’ into good form.

Try all lengths but you will probably end up around 212 - 214 with a skinny boat.

Cool. Thanks for the advice, Patrick.