Maximum reach of Smart Track footbraces?

I have a RM Valley Aquanaut on which the Werner/Yakima footbraces were installed too close to the cockpit - they could probably accomodate someone 3 feek tall, but not me at 5’ 11". I would need another 1-2" for comfort, even with the pegs set past the last hole, stopped by the bolt in the tracks. My question: does anyone know if the Smart Track braces (the ones without rudder control) extend any farther relative to the bolt compared to the Werner/Yakimas? From the pictures I can find, it looks as if they might, but it is hard to tell. If so, I might replace the Werner/Yakimas, especially since I recall that Eric_Nyre recommended the Smart Track over the Werners for use with bare feet, which sounds nice.

They do have more range, but you
may end up having to drill new track holes anyway. Looks like a problem you’re just going to have to step through.

Bulkhead footbrace?
Unlike most poly kayaks, your boat has a “welded” bulkhead, so a bulkhead footbrace might be an option. Might be worth checking with the dealer to see if it’d violate the warranty.