MAY 2004 Poobah Trip Pictures

Never tried this before, does this link work?? The big mouth bass are from a secre lake, other pics are tanner falls and poo bah.

Link works fine
Nice pictures. Seeing them makes me anxious for our July Quetico trip – beautiful lakes, great fish, wonderful times cooking around camp. What a fine way to spend time. Thanks for sharing them.

Works fine. makes me want to get up there this spring! WW

could you
send me a recipe and preparation instructions for them muffins?

muffin recipe and Dutch Oven instruction

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muffins came from pre-packaged add water mix (not too sexy but it works). The baking, however, is the fun part. Below are instructions for Dutch Oven:
From a fellow paddler:
"On a happier note: Have you ever taken 2 standard pie tins and made an ultralight dutch oven out of them? If not try to assemble the following: Two 10-12" pie tins 1 old single layer cookie sheet (non stick or standard) I had no sticking issues while cooking on an uncoated cookie sheet. 4 of those heavy duty metal binder clips you may use at the office for clamping 20 or more sheets of paper temporarily together. (metal clamp with 2 articulating wire handles) 1 pair of sheet metal shears or tin snips A sharpe marker and 1 ruler.

Lay one pie tin on a workbench face up. Use the ruler to measure halfway up the side to the pie tin and make a mark on the outside of the pie tin then transfer this mark to the inside of the pie tin. This is an elevation mark for reference only. Using the ruler again measure from this point across the pie tin to the same elevation on the other side of the tin (on the inside of the tin). Transfer this approximate diameter to the cookie sheet and cut out a flat cirle of tin. Trial fit into the pie tin. Place the other pie tin face down over the 2 part dutch oven bottom you just made. Use the 4 binder clips to clamp the two outer flanges of the pie tin together. (A cleanly cut cirle will ensure the disk nestles into the pie tin securely).

If this is not the coolest Pillbury turnover, cinnimon roll, or home made baked goods camp fire dutch oven you have ever used call me. It weighs almost nothing. All three of my intial run entrees turned out golden and flaky with absolutely no sticking to the bottom layer and no burning of the top surfaces. All due to the 1" of air space above and below the goods inside."

If you look in the picture, you can see our dutch oven, as described above.

I’ll try it!

Nice shots
and cool dutch oven!

Poohbah Thwart

What is the device replacing your center thwart in the rainbow pic.Thanks,Roger.

Spring Creek Yoke/Seat

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We rented these Souris Rivers with the attached yokes from Zups, but I have one of these yoke/seats on a boat at home. In the position you see in the picture they are used as a yoke. You can flip them over and move the pads together, and it can be used as a middle seat. It makes a better yoke than a seat because you can spread the pads out to fit your body. It also does not lock you into one position front to back--you can find your own balancing point.