Maybe a little upside of the virus

Reports of cleaner water and more animal life makes one think our planet won’t take all that long to come back after we leave…


Ms. Mitchell’s “Got to get ourselves back to the garden”?
(You got it. You got it.)


Finding a positive in this mess is a good attitude. Probably a lot of change just outside of all the heavily populate areas! Nothing much different here, but the population is low in North Idaho and we are still a bit early for crazy amounts of outdoor activity.

some more good news from the coronavirus:


Idaho… I was just telling someone that I miss being able to load up the truck with the rifle, dog, fishing gear and wander around Idaho for at least a few weeks.
I’m about as far from Idaho as one can get in this lower but in the old days it was very doable.

For people who love the outdoors more than people, North Idaho is hard to beat. Lots of water, mountains and wilderness, Easy to get away from literally everything! Plus it has a distinct advantage over Montana in being able to make a living!

Idaho… A LONG time ago I was in sales for a tech firm in Silicon Valley. The main office said we should have reps in every state whether or not there was any chance we could sell anything. We were told to pick a state and when we needed a break to go wander around. I picked Idaho, never sold anything but found some good bars…

lol Good bars. We do have those! I worked on the road a lot for work, surveying from Canada down through central Idaho. Yet to find a town that I couldn’t sit down, order a beer and make friends! What area of Idaho did you bounce around at? Probably more south, down the Boise way where the population is?

Idaho… yes mostly Boise because of the state offices and I met a good little drinking buddy… Spent time east to get to Grand Targhee. Our bay area secretary was from Pocatello and gave us hints where to go.

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Took the keys west to Ketchum,
billfish to elk he’ll catch ’ em,
Papa’s farewell aloof,
out midst the Sawtooth

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