maybe another small sea kayak

check out the description for the Qaarsut. Sounds interesting! But no pictures yet.

their email contact form is broken, as I tried it from both IE and Firefox.

dimensions are similar to the…
…Anas Acuta although the AA is slightly longer. Frankly it’s about time. Most women usually paddle kayaks which are much to large for them and the women/smaller folks market is still relatively unexplored. Aside from the Betsie Bay kayaks, Valley Anas Acuta/Pintail, Romany LV, CD Slipstream, Impex Mystic/Outer Island, there are not too many low volume kayaks out there to choose from. Even the kayaks I mentioned although fine for me at 5’8", would still be fairly large for a smaller person. That leaves the options to either building a SOF or padding the heck out of anything you buy. I’m sure sing will chime in here in agreement. Still those kayaks that are pictured look nice and the colors/outfitting remind me of the Impex boats.

What about their Newt?
What about their Newt? It’s 14’ 7.5" long with an 18.5" beam (no depth given) and only 27.6 lb without hatches. They say it has rounded chines but the picture seems to look more like hard chines Would a small adult fit in that boat?


sea kayak georgia is a dealer
so I guess that means a us shop can order them which is good.

I would love to paddle one.

Their Expedition LV
Hard to tell, but it reads as though they have done some significant work on the Expedition LV to handle fitting a smaller paddler as well, especially in the cickpit. The single biggest thing that was done in the NDK Explorer LV to fit someone my size properly was to make it an extra small cockpit and lower the deck. Some manufacturers make a small volume boat but leave the darned cockpit sized for medium sized guys, so you have a boat where I can get a waterline but it’s not of much use because I don’t have useful contact to do anything with the boat.

NDK has done the opposite

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They've taken an expedition boat, the Explorer, and put a small cockpit and low deck on it. While that improves the fit for smaller paddlers, the problem is that it's still a relatively high volume hull, so it rides too high in the water with a light paddler in it, unless you're carrying a load of gear. One of the women in our club is suffering with this problem. Ideally, a boat for smaller paddlers should have a scaled down hull with less buoyancy.

Yes it would : )

When Pics Don’t Tell It All…
looking at the pic of the “Greenland style” boat, it does not see, that low volume to me. That guy appears, though I can’t be sure, bigger than me and the boat still has a lot of freeboard left. Looks like I can still stuff a week’s worth of stuff in it. So, Greenland style expedition?

Bring on the Rumour, Seaward!


I see that kayak marketed to small paddlers with the same problem. 120lb paddlers do not need the same size kayak that fits 200lb paddlers.

there are no pictures
for the qaarsut,

so you are looking at the expedition.