McManus Lake to Whitson Lake, Algonquin

For my 4 day Father-Son trip with Peter this year, we headed east to the lower section of the Petawawa River and worked our way upstream from McManus Lake through Smith Lake to Whitson Lake and Five Mile Rapids. There is some great Smallmouth Bass fishing along there and we even caught a couple of Muskie. The highlight of the trip though was catching an Ontario trophy sized 28" Walleye.

That was an enjoyable trip report, and you had some nice photos as well. I always enjoy reading about places I hope to visit someday. Thanks for sharing!


Very nice,
Some great memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing,


Day 1 Video
Thanks folks.

Here’s the link to the video from Day 1 as well:

Day 2 Video
I’ve posted the Day 2 video now for anyone who is interested:

Day 3 Video
Here’s the video from day 3 of the Petawawa trip. It actually rained for a fair bit of the day, which was a good thing given how many forest fires had been happening in the area just a couple of weeks before.

Day 4 Video
Well here’s the video for the last day of the trip. Actually it’s only about half a day. No big excitement today but we did have to figure out who won the big fishing bet. :wink: