McWay Falls in Big Sur

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I think it would be cool to see McWay Falls in Big Sur from the water. Anyone know of a launch point in that area?

I am an experienced California coastal paddler and would be with other experienced coastal paddlers, and pretty good and knowing when to paddle (and when not). Surf launches could be acceptable.

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I've pondered the same trip :),-121.696179&spn=0.012419,0.018325

Looks like you could even have favorable surf by Sunday.

Sycamore Canyon -Day Use Beach

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How far is that from the day use beach? I'm not sure boat launching is allowed all year long but it's a fairly easy launch there - there are two protected coves - but you could hit full on surf as you leave the cove. Probably less likely in late summer, but I'm not sure the ranger will let you launch then since they are worried about all the tourists who get in trouble there. In the fall when nobody is around .. it's possible to launch, but it does require surf skills.

I can't see the links posted above, but there is a small roadside campground on a beach a couple of miles south of the falls. As you know it is very difficult to get access in the summer. Way further south is San Dollar Beach across from the Plaskett Campground - it's a great surfing beach .. but a way to paddle to the falls.

Try contacting John Bonaventure at Central Coast Kayaks he knows the area well.