McWick Canoes

Has anyone heard of a McWick Canoe. I have one for sale and do not know much about its value. It is a fiberglass 16’ canoe with three wooden seats. Can anyone tell me a bit about this type of canoe?


I have not heard of "McWick."
You could try asking about $500 and just listening closely as people come, look at it, react, and comment. If they act as if $500 is too much (they will), see what they offer.

If you could post us a picture, especially one showing one of the seats and the inside of the boat, we would be able to see the nature of the “fiberglass” layup, which strongly influences quality and value. Some FG canoes are made with a chopper gun layup, leaving a random fiber pattern. These tend to be heavy and break more easily.

McWick Canoe
I can tell you nothing about the canoe, but the company was based out of Whitecourt, Alberta Canada and went out of busines in November of 1996. At the very least, the canoe is 11 years old. A picture may help glean additional info.

Just a SWAG, but the canoe is probably worth somewhere between $50 and $300 USD … but again, that is a guess based on little info.