MD Paddlers: Advice on Nassawango Needed

I am planning a canoe and camping trip for late May with my wife, 2 young kids (6 and 7), and dog and have heard that the campground and waters around Nassawango Creek are a great destination. Our “fleet” will consist of a kayak, a canoe, and possibly an inner tube depending on water temp.

I’m looking for a fairly primitive camping experience… but since it is the first trip for my youngsters I guess having a bathroom not too far away would be a good “out”…

Tents, campfire, hopefully in a fairly private setting…

For any of you who have been there… think this fits the bill? If not, I’d love any suggestions you may have. I have the MacKay book on MD hiking/biking/canoeing with kids and this site is recommended… but there’s nothing like P’net experience.

Thanks in advance…


I have not camped at Millburn Landing
but have paddled several sections of the Pocomoke and Nassawango. Some thoughts:

*The later in May you go, the more active and numerous the insects. Last year I used Natrapel and it seemed to work well, but needed reapplication every several hours. Skeeters are most active around dusk, then taper off significantly after dark.

*I have camped at Janes Island, and can heartily recommend it. The canoe/kayak trails are relatively benign, and if you want a truely “primitive” experience there are two or three backcountry paddle-in sites available. If you want flush toilets, the Janes Island campground is very nice.

*Your dog may be a problem. I know for a fact that JISP does not allow animals. Cannot speak for other parks in the system.


Paddled the Pocomoke yesterday
I ws with a group that paddled the pocomoke yesterday just above and below Nassawanga creek. Some of this water is pretty tight with lot’s of trees and branches in the water. Lots of wildlife in the area.

The only public campground that I know of nearby is Pocomoke River State Park with Milburn landing on the north side and Shad Landing on the south. It’s a few miles downstream of Nassawango. If you are talking about Memorial day weekend you might want to get revservations as lots of the parks fill up on holidays.

Both Parks are nice
Here is a link to a TR on Pocomoke paddling, including Nassawango Creek.

Have stayed at both Shad Landing and Milburn camping areas. I might like Milburn a tad more than Shad, but for you, I suggest Shad Landing. The reason is that there is some nice backwater paddling available from Shad Landing, which your family might enjoy.

Paddling from Shad Landing to Nassawango Creek is feasible over the Pocomoke River, but it is a bit of a paddle. I think it is more than a mile, less than five miles, a good map will tell the story better than my foggy memory. In fact, maybe its in my notes. The Pocomoke here is rather wide, a quarter to half mile maybe, and is subject to tidal currents and wind. Both campgrounds are favored by fishermen, so expect a fair amount of motorboat traffic.

At Milburn, there is a dock right on the river, but no backwater to get into that is nearby.

Here is the link to the TR