Md river canoe serial number help

Have a mad river canoe with serial number MADE3878M81F-K. Does anyone know what it means, Mad River is no help.

Model Year
Serial No

Couldn’t find any model info though.

The “MAD” is the manufacturer’s identification code which was Mad River Canoe Company back in 1981, MRC later having been sold to Confluence Watersports.

The “M81” does indeed indicate that 1981 was the model year. The “F” at the end is a month code indicating that January was the month of production. The “-K” appended to the end of the 12 character HIN stands for “Kevlar”. The “E” is probably a model code.

If you post some dimensions and a photo of the boat, someone will be able to identify the model. If you can’t do that message “Robert G. Scharges” on Facebook and he may be able to identify the model from the HIN code.

Thanks for the replies. In the process of replacing gunnels and fixing a big tear on the side caused by wind picking up the canoe and dropping it on a chair (small tornado they said) Was pretty trashed when I purchased ~ 10 years ago as a Malecite. I have an 84 fiberglass Malecite but they seem a bit different. Will post pictures and Dims when finished.
Again, thanks for the Help.