Mead Photos

I’ve posted a few new photos I took of the Meadveiw area near Lake Mead.

The pics were great

Wow, water is down
How far? Impossible to guess without any frame of reference.


Thanks for sharing your photos.
They are lovely…as always. I will be in the Temple Bar/Meadview area mid-April. I am really looking forward to my trip-and now even more!

How far are the Lake Mead
paddling areas from Vegas? Are there any places that any of you recommend for kayak rentals?

I really like…
…The shots:

Looking Towards Mouth of Grand Canyon


Grapevine Canyon


Nice shots!
What kayak did you have there?

Boulder City Outfitters
We just got back from a trip down the Colorado with them and they’re great folks. I’m pretty sure that they rent kayaks, too and can deliver them to your launch site.

thank you toesnorth

There aren’t any rentals available in the area that I know of. I bought a commercial lot and plan on offering them. I’m not up on Park Service rules but the Forest Service doesn’t allow deliveries to be made.

The lake is about 87’ below full pool.

April is a wonderful time to paddle there. This should be a good wildflower season.

Vegas is about two hours from Meadview depending on the dam(n) traffic.

Thanks for the compliments they’re always appreciated.