Meal replacement bars?

I am looking into a good breakfast bar. Something that tastes good, isn’t all sugar, doesn’t ‘mush’ easily and isn’t real expensive.

For those of you who use something like that, what do you like/suggest?

if it tastes good
it’s probably either lotsa sugar, lotsa fat, or you made it yourself. There are lots of recipes for home-made bars on the web. Just Google with some imagination.

If you want a store bought bar, Cliff Bars taste good, and the nutritional values are reasonable, and their corporate culture is cool.


the cliff bars. Also check out Odwalla bars and even “Lara” bars…kinda pricey but all natural ingredients/no preservatives, etc. The Lara apple pie bars are really good!

Pemmican bars
These are the only bars I’d consider meal replacement bars. They contain a good mix of protein, fat, and carbs, at about 500 calories per bar. Kashi Nut Roll bars also have a good mix, taste better and they’d be second on my list of “meal replacement” items. However, they contain only 300 calories per bar, which is not a meal to me.

Pemmicans look like and have a similar texture to brownies. In other words, it feels like eating real food (though some would say brownies are not real food). My local supermarkets carry them.

I’ve eaten many Clif and Luna Bars and do not consider them meal replacements. Actually, I don’t eat them at all any more. They have too little fat and too high a proportion of carbohydrates. They are also too sweet for my tastebuds. But you can buy them almost anywhere, along with various PowerBar products.

Lara Bars taste great but are low-protein. I think of them as being dried fruit and nuts…which is what they contain. Probably the best-tasting of all the bars I’ve tried. Not a meal replacement–a good snack.

just mix together good things and presto
A meal bar!! for example: rasins, protien powder, oats, honey, sugar, crisco, peanut butter, cheerios, etc, the idea is to pack as many calories into the smallest package possible which still having a variety of carbs, protein, sugar, and fat…ive even crushed up multivitamins and thrown them in the mix

make your own
My dad’s wife makes some sort of candy from mostly healthy things and peanut butter. She uses honey, oatmeal, almonds, flax, peanut butter, and the like. She makes big trays of the stuff, cuts it up and then freezes it. This is what they eat between meals and what she gave me to take with me paddling last month.

However I think it helps to not have any loose fillings.

Never heard of Pemmicans, I will look around.

Kashi bars
Try these bars, you will like them. I especially like the pumpkin flax flavored bar with a little peanut butter on it.

apple pie …
another vote for Lara Bar. made from 100 percent good stuff.