Mecham Lake/Osgood River

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Anyone ever paddled or camped on either Mecham Lake or the Lower Osgood River?


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check last months issue of "Adirondackk Explorer."

nice trip
paddled osgood last year. I enjoyed it. there is an eagle nest, on the river when you first enter. the second pond on the left can be tricky to find, we where able to paddle into it. after finally finding our way in. there is a really neat picnic table on the west side of it. looks like paul bunyan built it. I believe the name of this pond is baker. I’ll do this trip again.

what state?
Please, what is the location?

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Northern New York State

thank you!

Meacham L - Lower Osgood R
Paddled these earlier this week after breaking in new pr of hiking boots on adjacent Debar Mt. Disappointed to see no sign of former Bald eagle nest. (Believe active nest remains few miles to N on Deer R .25m above Deer R Flow & SR 30 - wife & I sat transfixed in canoe in 1st days of June few yrs back watching w/ binocs chicks being fed)

Meacham likely gets busy after state campground on N shore opens (& blackflies end)

Recommend you access both from SR 30 @ pkg area/ launch 100yds N of SR 458 intersection. Paddle E into S end of lake along golden sand shore w/ great view to N of Debar & other hi points. Primitive campsite in SE corner of L (past Osgood outlet)is just out of hearing of SR 30 traffic. Camping @ few sites on Osgood is not but still a very scenic paddle. Can paddle one way from Hays Brook Truck trail access w/ shuttle but, as Jamieson says. “The Osgood bears doubling”

Enjoy !

I thought this was one way
I spend time up at Paul Smiths every July and havent tried this trip; I thought that the river didnt go through all the way from Meacham Lake S to Osgood Pond! Am I wrong?

PS there is a nice always unused lean to south of Osgood on Church Pond after you go through the canal. The last week of July for the last eight years I have not seen anyone.

The road noise from Rt 30 isnt too bad.

How far can you go?
How far upstream can you paddle these days? We went a few (3-5) years ago, and reached the first (very shallow) pond you could paddle into. Some unknown distance farther along – not a great deal, but “some” – we were stopped by a fallen footbridge in the water, which I seem to remember having No Trespassing signs on adjacent land, putting the kibosh on carrying around the obstacle.

This was nowhere near as far as Jamieson’s book would lead one to expect. Sorry, I don’t have the book with me (it’s at camp), and I can’t remember the name of the ponds in order, but there was supposed to be one other you could paddle into, plus a couple you could climb over the esker to reach, if you could figure out where to start climbing.

It was a lovely paddle, even if shorter than we’d hoped. There was an extremely stiff north wind that day, which made going across the south end of Meacham Lake a bit hairy, but it didn’t bother at all once we got into the river.

Osgood River
I paddled the Osgood several times. Both the North section starting at Osgood pond and the lower section at Mecham lake. The lower section is a gem of a paddle, very nice. I have also been up on the esker and have been to some of the side ponds. If you are in the Adirondacks this is a must do paddle in my book.

Eagle’s Nest
I was dismayed to read several weeks ago, that the eagle’s nest was gone, and decided to go see for myself. Today it was calm, humid, and a bit hazy, too hot for a climb for me, so paddled up the Osgood from Meacham from the parking area just north of 458. Anyway, no sign of the eagle nest or eagle there, but just a few minutes farther along the river (upriver), there, sitting proudly in a very tall pine tree, was the eagle. We couldn’t see a nest anywhere, but as he was there both up river and down, I assume this is his territory. No need to rewrite the paddling guide book, he is still around. No doubt in a year or so, the next will reappear in that area.

the eagle was on meachum lake. 9-16-04