Meet at Canoecopia?

Hi, all. This isn’t about going paddling per se, but about meeting up at Canoecopia this weekend. I’ll be giving two presentations there - one on Friday that is a late addition and not in the printed show guide, and one on Saturday. Would enjoy meeting other users, and perhaps grabbing a beer in one of Madison’s great breweries afterward! If you’re at all interested in the presentations, I’ll be speaking on “Packing the Perfect ‘Oh Sh!t Kit’: A Murphy’s Law Adventure Guide.” I’ll be discussing the contents of my frequently-used emergency kit, as well as key additions to a first aid kit. In addition to some good safety info, I’ll share a few stories about why I tend to need these more than the average paddler! (I may be the only person to sever an ACL while kayaking! See photo for proof!) :smile: Come say hello! I’ll be presenting from 5:30-6:15 pm on Friday in the Killarney Room of the Clarion Hotel. I’ll also present on Saturday, from 4:30-5:15 pm on Saturday in the Voyageur Room. Hope to see you there!