Melker kayaks

Does anyone have any knowledge of this manufacturer and any 1st hand info of the models they produce?

Never heard of them until now. Looking at their very slick website, they are very intriguing boats, made of a biocomposite based on flax (linen fiber). Seems to have only been in business for 5 years. Pricing around $3,000 USD range. Only one North American dealer, in Ottawa, Ontario. I’ll shoot an email to my friend and kayaking guru in Ontario (who’s a long time member of a large local paddling group) and see if he’s heard of them or seen one of their boats.

How did you find out about them?

I was looking at Norse Kayaks that this dealer in Ottawa On. was carrying. Then noticed this Melker brand that they also carry. The price on them was pretty attractive.

Wow, using flax fiber to make kayaks. Cool. I gotta say, though, the look reminds me of those 70s ‘wood’ panel station wagons.

I remember seeing a review of one of their models in a paddling magazine article. If I can find the article/issue I’ll post that info.

The review is in the FALL 2019 issue of PADDLING MAGAZINE, on pg. 39.


Melker; I bought the Ulvon LV. The build quality was there, Wish it weight it bit less than the scaled 53 lbs. But I liked the lines of the boat and a sale on a new kayak, out the door ,just under $3,000 Ca. , was too much for me to pass on. Now waiting for spring to get aquainted with it. It was a Merry Christmas gift to me! Just hard finding reviews, I know the boat is being built at the same place that produces Zegul/Tahe.

Cool! Congratulations on that acquisition. $3000 Canadian is a great deal for a quality new composite kayak (less than $2400 US at the moment). You’ll have to let us know how she paddles.