Memory Foam for a kayak seat?

Has anybody tried or know if the Memory Foam that is sold for mattresses and pillows would work for a Kayak seat? Does it absorb water?

I don’t know about that but…
I bought one of those foam fishing/hunting seats, they have memory and velcroved it to my kayak seat and it is very comfy!

My guess is
my guess is that it would soak up water and not be UV resistant and break down prematurely. Comfy thile it lasts though…

Still testing…
I found a memory foam pad “lumbar support” at walmart. I am pretty handy with my sewing machine, and I have sewn a cover to slip over my back rest so my lumbar support will stay in place and wont get drenched. I didnt go totally waterproof since I always wear a spray skirt. I am covering mine with polar fleece that I have washed with a waterproofing agent. So far, that has been enough for me.

I bought the lumbar support that has a massager in it…I like it.

It hasnt gotten wet yet, so I dont know if it will absorb a lot, but from the look of it I think it would.

If you do find something you like, find someone handy with a sewing machine and have a waterproof cover made.

If you cant find anyone that sews, I would be happy to help ya out.


As an add on to a structural seat
I would think that the memory foam by itself would not provide enough lateral support for edging and leaning. As you shift weight from one hip to another, the foam may be too responsive in adjusting to continue to give you that sweet locked in feeling. Just my guess. The foam used in bedding and pillows is not really even water resistant. It absorbs a little bit slower than a dry sponge. I find minicell foam quite comfortable and the added lateral support preferable. Let us know how it works out.


Many people, including myself, use this foam on their recumbent bike seats. It does help with “'bent butt,” which is the same as some people experiance from their kayak seats.

If I think of it tomorrow I will test to see if it absorbs water. My guess is that it does.

It is also sold to pilots of small planes, who are forced to remain in their seats for extended periods of time.

It does work for those applications.

an example in kayak use…

I remembered seeing this a few months ago.