Memphremagog Canoe

Anyone know anything about Memphremagog Canoe. It was a small custom Shop in Vermont. I am looking at a 18’6’and 32" at gunwales kevlar canoe that weights 46 lbs with wood trim. Very similar to a Jensen 18 or Wenonah Minnesota II. The guy who has it said he had it custom made in the 80’s.

Memphremagog canoe
Mid 80’s out of Newport VT. At that time a division of Newport Plastics but they started earlier down in Craftsbury VT. That one you are looking at sounds like the OC 2 Catamount designed for downriver racing.The had a OC 1 for downriver racing along with a OC1 and OC 2 designed for flatwater racing. They also offered a 16 ft Standard model. The hulls were designed by Ralph Vincent a top OC1 paddler at that time.