Meridian SK Skeg Cable

There has to be an easy way to get the stainless cable routed back thru the tubing? This is the earlier cable routing design where the cable is 90 degrees to the skeg blade. I have tried silicone grease, rounding the cable end and a great number of swear words. The cable just hangs up when it encounters the tight curve in the tubing.

Any tips will be appreciated.

Try starting at the other end?

the skeg and cable are mated together and there is no EZ way to feed in from the front.

why did you take it out?

repeated push/pull/twist/cuss words is the only way I know. some good lube on the end may help. but when it ‘sticks’ it’s hard to get the cable to slide on.

I found on replacing old Meridian skeg wire the flimsier cable works fine for the skeg. I think it’s 1/8" 7X9.


I’m in the same boat
(so to speak), with an SK and a cable kinked right near the skeg. I made a successful partial repair without removing the cable as follows:

I shortened the throw of the cable by moving the black slider piece to the mid-point in its slot (with the skeg up). It now will only put the skeg down half-way, but it’s enough so far for practical use (boy does this boat wander with no skeg down!). Because the cable is only moving half as far as usual, the kinked area is staying inside the tube and not coming out into the skeg box where it can hang up.

A half-_ssed fix, for sure, but it’s working. Someday, I’ll try doing it right. Come to think of it, I wonder if I can attached the new cable to the old one somehow, and pull it through that way…


Meridian Skeg Replacement
Individual bought the last Meridian SK S the store had. Brought it home and laid it down in the front yard. His kids hopped in the cockpit and began forcing the skeg control. You know what happened next. Had to remove the skeg blade and cable to free it. Managed to get one of the last replacement skeg assy. Dagger had.

Guess I’ll bone up on my swear words and give it another go. Maybe a couple cold beers will help.