Merlin LT and Tsunami 140


I am wanting to get a light touring kayak. But I want to be able to roll it. I have rolled the Eddyline Merlin LT (it has great dimensions-small beamwidth and cockpit). I also do fit well into the Wilderness System Tsumani 140. Has anyone ever tried to roll this kayak? And does it roll fairly easy? I do not believe there would be much effect but there is quite a weight difference between the two. Merlin LT at 43 lbs and Tsunami at 55 lbs. Thanks

rolling over
hello …i had this same question a while ago, I posed to the pnet group …mine Q was Solstice GT vs Cape lookout 'yaks…GT is a 52# fiberglass vs 60# poly boat. 2 ft. of length difference between the 2. My Q was wondering which would be easier to learn to roll with. The general concensus was it doesn’t matter about the kayak …The most important thing that matters is your technique doing it. if there was any 1 thing that mattered about the boat, it seems it was the width of the boat …with slimmer ones being easier to roll and recover with.

Merlin LT has a higher combing
But if you can roll it, obviously that’s not an issue.

how you’ve outfitted your boat
matters too … making sure that it fits you well so that you are less likely to get dumped in a roll. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’ll test that theory this season in my newly outfitted Sealution II. Wish me luck!