Merlin LT

I am selling a Prijon Capri because it is nearly impossible to enter from the water. I like the solace of paddling alone, but for safety’s sake really feel like I need to be able to get back into the blessed boat in case something happens. I am thinking about a Merlin LT and am wondering if anyone has experience with this boat, especially re-entry from the water. Any feedback would be appreciated! thanks…

boat to re-enter, if that’s your design criteria. Quite fun and pridictable tho short and small, if serious tripping is planned.


Weight, Size and expereince level
As a novice beginner with a Falcon S18, I find it relatively easy to reenter into the narrow 21" cockpit. Hope to be able to confirm same on rolling by this summer out in the jellyfish laden Chesapeake Bay. What is your weight, size and level experience? With all due respect, might your situation be eased with some classes on water entry from the shore as well as self-rescue classes. Good luck, all kayaks are great once on the water. Mark

Nighthawk has the same cockpit size
and I find it easy to re-enter. I’m a 50-yr old female. I don’t know if there’s much difference between it and the Merlin LT as far as how high out of the water they sit. (When I was shopping for boats, I thought I wanted a Merlin, until I sat in the Nighthawk. It was love at first sit!)

Exactly what is the difficulty you are having with the Capri?

I had a hard time at first when learning re-entry, and found that my PFD was the problem. A different PFD eliminated the “shelf” on the front that seemed to catch on the edge of the boat, making it harder to swim up onto the deck.


Likely Technique Related…
perhaps describe your problem and there’s a solution that is other than a new boat, although new boats are always welcomed in my eyes. :slight_smile:

Figure out the technique for the boat and practice. For example, if you using a rudder, forget about trying a cowboy scramble. Maybe, you’re using a paddle float and you’re getting caught up on something. Don’t know but explain it and maybe someone can give a suggestion.


Thanks for the feedback guys! I thought at first that my inability to get into the Capri was my inexperience and practiced ALOT. All I got was frustrated. Then I spent an afternoon with a friend who was visiting in town. She teaches kayaking to both disabled and able bodied people at a large university. She was not able to get in the Capri from the water either. It rolls. I however was in her boat in 30 seconds. (Which did wonderful things for my self-confidence). That’s why I am looking to switch boats. I have taken 2 classes in kayak safety, but it wasn’t an issue because we worked on pontoon entries and I didn’t realize until later how badly the Capri rolls unless someone else is stabilizing it. I’ll keep looking and test-driving! Thanks again!

Same Here
I found the Merlin a little too wide and hard to use all the hip control techniques I was to taught to use. The Night Hawk was a better fit.