Merrimack Canoes????

I always thought Merrimack Canoes were interesting. In particular the 14’ Baboosic solo, a scaled down Prospector, has long been on my wish-list of boats I’d like to own someday. Lately it appears that Merrimack’s web-site ( ) has disappeared from the web.

Does anyone know if Merrimack is out of business or have they simply changed web addresses?

Thanks, Randall

Merrimack canoes
I just discovered the same thing, I too am after a Baboosic. I emailed the company before the website went down and have called the company also… no response.


Tonyf has one in the classifieds
on this site. He is in NY. Also there is one at Adirondack Paddle and Pole. Just happen to be looking through their available stock and remember seeing a Baboosic there. Looks like a sweet little canoe.

Now you see it…
Some time ago the owner apparently shut down his operation, only to re-surface again later. I hope that’s what’s going on this time as well. The Baboosic is a sweet little boat!

Thanks Scott

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Yeah, I saw that classified here at PN, that’s what had me looking for the Merrimack web-site (to memory jog the specs). I’ll check out that other link you mentioned as well. I’m actually not really in the market for another canoe at present (…or didn’t think I was…). But I will be looking for a good Freestyle boat probably within the next year. I’m new to FS and getting by with my ABS Wildfire for now… I can also use my daughter’s MoSo 14 which seems to be better than the WF for FS. I had an opportunity to briefly paddle a Baboosic at Raystown a couple of years ago – very nice (as I recall it belonged to Blue Mountain Outfitters and Topher brought it along). … been thinkin’ about it ever since.

Baboosic, freestyle, & BMO
It seems to me that within the last year Merrimack dropped their less expensive (fiberglass) layup, but was still in business.

I paddled the same Baboosic at Raystown and thought it would make a great freestyle boat, but would prefer to hear what Windwalker thought of it. I just mess around with freestyle paddling, but he looks to be pretty darn good at it and I know he spent some time in the Baboosic.

Even though you aren’t in the market for another boat, I think BMO still has a fiberglass Baboosic in stock. Fortunately they keep it up in the rafters where most folks don’t notice it. Their price is $1115.

Like c2g Said, I Remember…
…seeing Merrimack canoes on E-bay several months ago and they were being auctioned by Merrimack themselves. It said something to the effect that they were dumping their 'glass line and would only be selling kevlar. Here’s a link to Oak Orchards page with pics and specs on Merrimac canoes (including the Baboosic). Never dealt with them, but they seem to have a good reputation. Also, being a dealer, they should have up-to-date imfo on what’s going on with Merrimack. Here’s the link. WW

It’s Back!!!

Try the link, now.

Thanks Captain
Glad they’re back. It’s been a while since I’d visited their site, it looks to me like they did some web-site remodeling… Lookin’ good! Glad they didn’t go out of business!

Me, too.

I think the canoeing community would be somewhat diminished if Merrimack closed their doors for good. I ordered my Baboosic in 2002 when I discovered they had re-opened (I’d been considering one, in the late 90’s, when I read they’d shut down. Imagine my dismay…). It was love at first paddle, and a purchase I’ve never regretted.

priceing !!
well, i agree that it’s great they’re still around, but they sure aren’t bashful about price increases - i have an osprey and it was priced at $1950. approx 18mos ago - it’s now $2440.

they sure are beautiful boats, though -

In a way,

The increase may seem “steep,” but the boats are now being built with carbon/kevlar. With that in mind, a comparison to another carbon/kevlar craft may be in order. A Blackgold Wildfire lists for $2295; a Baboosic goes for $2430. They’re both fine boats, but the craftsmanship on the Merrimacks is noticeably better than the Bells. FWIW.

had not realized they’d added carbon - that certainly puts it in line with other boats of similar construction (i’m more familar with kayaks) - my boat is probably fiberglass, as i bought it in 1992, and didn’t know much about materials