mesh back PFD

Which PFD had a mesh back so that the back would not hang up on the back of the seat.

Lotus Quietwater
My husband has the Lotus Quietwater and really likes it for the reason you stated. Lotus also has the Mildwater, which is very similar, but certain lots of them have been recalled recently.

Lotus recall
on some Mildwater models might make them hard to came by.

Another possibility is the Stohlquist A-Sea.


Stohlquist A-Sea
I too, use the Stohlquist A-Sea PFD,along with my wife. We really like this PFD, as it is very comforatable & wont “ride up” on you. Just take a few minutes when you get it and adjust the straps good while sitting down in it.


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Waiting for mine to arrive later this week. Ordered it to replace my Lotus Mildwater that was recalled. I also ordered and received the Stohlquist drifter pfd which does not have a mesh back but doesn't seem to interfere with my seat back.

I'll sit in my boat and go through the motions with both of these vests, make my choice and return the other vest.

Astral LDB
Mesh and with a thin cushion layer along the spine for comfort. Kapok natural filling for filling - not PVC foam. Very green approach. Very soft padding.

Just my $.02

See you on the water,


Mildwater recall?
Do you know why?

recall notice