message board acronyms..

after reading this forum almost every day for a few months now i still don’t get some of the short forms you folks use.

what does IMHO mean? SOT sit on top. SINK sit in side kayak i assume.


I don’t know many but

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In My Humble Opinion, Rolling ON the Floor, rolling on the floor Laughin Out Loud, ROFLOL, rolling on the floor laughing my a&^ off ROFLMAO. GP greenland paddle, aka (also known as)twig. Euro, european paddle.

There's a few for you >;-) devilish grin.


looks nasty to me. I have a dirty mind. It’s for fiberglass. fiber glass?

Some Other Common Ones Here…
S&G - stitch and glue - wood panel, fiberglass resin construction

SOF - skin on frame

CLC - Cheasapeake Light Craft - a S&G purveyor

R&R - roll and rescues

AW - American Whitewater

ACA - American Canoe Association

BCU - British Canoe Association

AMC - Appalachian Mountain Club - has paddling chapters through New England (NE)

YMMV - your mileage may vary

IMHO - in my humble (yeah, right) opinion

FWIW - For what it’s worth

BTW - by the way

OAL - over all length

LWL - length (along) water line

IK - Inflatable kayak

PFD - personal floatation device

VHF - hmmm… (it’s a marine radio)

PLB - Personal locator beacon and similar to EPIRB (? Emergency Personal ? Rescue Beacon)


Here’s another thread:

VHF- Very High Frequency
HF- High Frequency

UHF- Ultra High Frequency

how 'bout

Don’t forget TLA

see Sing’s
post and you’re G2G. Good to Go.


pee at sea- a required merit badge in my book.


L flatpick (oh, that’s ‘laugh’ by the

BYOB- bring your own boat (I think). I may be wrong on that, 'cause I’m the only one that shows up with a kayak at local parties.

More P@C
Not to be confused with the rare and much more advanced skill ‘Poo at Sea’.

I don’t master this skill myself, but I once had the ‘pleasure’ to help stabilize a kayak while the captain performed this act. Luckily I was facing the other way. That’s what you get for being a trip leader.

Likewise I once was in first row to watch the ‘Puke at Sea’ skill. For a couple of hours we took turns stabilizing a sick paddler while the others would pull the fleet ashore.

P@C - don’t understimate!


Great list ; OTOH
ON the other hand…

more POO@C tales
once while sea kayaking in El Salvador, I had a terrible case of the runs (go figure!) half way thru a long crossing…yep…what a gut ache…the ol’ jump outta the boat, ‘swim’ a while and cowboy re-entry back in was a life saver.


EDU acronyms
here’s some EDU (Education) ones we use:

S&M- strokes and maneuvers

R&R- rescues and recoveries

R&B- roll and brace

DT- daytripper

we basically lump all EDU outlines into these core courses.

steve (off to do a morning DT with some S&M practice, too cold to do any R&R or B&R!!!)

What is BWCA?
as in “Wilderness Tripping - BWCA & Beyond”.

Always wondered what that was.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

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No kayaks please.

It's in Minnesota @ the Canadian border.

Thanks, krousmon : )

“River dorks” …
River dorks: Drunken, obscene, obnoxious, morons; typically found on rivers in rental canoes.

SYOYR: See you on the river.


thanks all!

finally i know!