Messing With Summer Wind Waves

Seems like we are in the thick of summer. Sunny skies and warm (68 degree) water. What we don’t get in MassBay is good surfing waves, unless there is an Atlantic “fish storm”, either hurricane or rare nor’easter type disturbance.

Normally I don’t bother hitting the beach since the gas and a $15 parking fee seem a bit exorbitant just to dip a paddle and get wet.

Well, now with lifetime senior DCR parking pass, why not? So, I got in a couple of hours paddling around with the waveski, practicing stroke, rudders and rolling.

There… could be more boring things to do on a nice summer day, e.g yard work. :sunglasses:




Still in my “summer paddling” mode. Took the Sterling Progression out early this AM and paddled out from Hingham Harbor to Bumpkin Island, one of the Boston Harbor Island that has campsites. Getting on Bumpkin is either by ferry or with a paddle craft. No docking by private motor crafts.

Pretty laid back paddle going out against a gentle headwind and the last hour of the flood tide.

Took about 50 minutes to cover the 2.8 mile distance.

Landed the kayak on a cobblestone beach, next to the ferry pier and right under an old stone hut.

The stone hut doors were open. Wanted to investigate but the “no trespassing” sign was pretty prominent.

Went and checked out the pier instead. There is actually a pretty good view of the Boston skyline in the distance from the outer mength of the poer.

Sat in the shade. Had water and snack. Snapped a selfie and then paddled back to launch site for some rolling and sculling practice.

Loaded the Sterling back on the car and noted the total time of the entire outing was 2.5 hours. Was enough as i can feel sunburn on my nose, where I forgot to apply sunscreen.




With “summer Fridays” (office closes at 1 PM) in effect, quickly headed out to Hingham Harbor for more “summer paddling”. This time with the old Island Waveski longboard. Haven’t rode this since I patched a major ding from three years ago when I got caught in the inside corner of a rock jetty and the dumping shoreline at the homebreak.

It was good to make a re-acquaintance with Island longboard. It felt tippy initially since the board was customed for me over a decade ago when I was 10-15 lbs slimmer. Once I got going, it felt better. I paddled at a brisk pace to cover 4/5th mile to Sarah Island in 20 minutes. Even at 9’ feet length of the longboard, i was able to catch and pass some of the casual day touring kayakers out there. (To be fair to them, they weren’t aware I was pacing and trying gain on them for my own motivation.) After paddling back, spent time working on my roll. Actually, has ti wet exit a couple times with blown rolls. Kept at it until i got fully reacquainted with the longboard and was able roll up consistently on both sides.

Felt it was a productive and fun 1.5 hours on the calm waters of Hingham Harbor.